How to keep your Mr.Right?


So here we are on constant hunt to find the right guy for ourselves. The guy that will complement you and make you feel as a whole. Well, the good news is there are such guys out there. So now how to attract the right guy and keep him to yourself ? Well, these are the simple 4 rules.

1) Personal hygiene : Smell good. Make sure you shampoo your hair with conditioner. Use your deodorant. Shave your underarms and legs. (Come-on a good smelling guy will always turn you on, so keep it likewise).

2) Keep fit! Don’t live an unhealthy lifestyle. (This is a major bonus for the parties, trust me!)

3) Dress comfortably but not to impress your guy. (If you want to impress your guy, you know what to do 😉

4) Use minimal makeup to enhance your features. (Don’t appear like a Halloween prop, you are just gonna freak him out)

Now, if you pass this first level of test. I wish you all the best, because the next would be your character compatibility. And this is where fate plays its part.

“Never settle for something less than you deserve.”


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