The lady in red blouse

Rain was pelting down but the busy Monday morning did not slow down for the locals in Singapore city. At the Central location of this tiny Island the many different faces mostly sullen or eyes glued to their smartphones, were hurrying to their work places. Among all these people in neatly tucked office wear, a lady with a perfect brunette bun strolled gracefully carrying her white umbrella. Something about her made me stop sipping my favourite Starbucks mocha.

I watched her in awe. Her minimal make-up with her her red blouse with a small smile curled up at the corner of her red lips looked like icing to the cupcake. She was simply breathtaking. Her head was slightly bobbing to the rhythm of the song she was hearing through the headphones plugged in. I believed it then, that moment.

I believed in love at first sight. As ridiculous as I thought of it before, it all made sense now. My puppy eyes must have caught her attention, for she suddenly looked at my direction and caught my eye. And she gave a friendly nod making my heart skip a beat. Just then I realised the rain stopped bringing the sun rays back on this tropical island. As I watched her stride into the The central building, I mentally made a note to thank God.

The sudden vibration of my phone jolted me awake from my paradise. My colleague and my best buddy Mike, sent a message through whatsapp asking for a favour; as usual. Perhaps, I should get to office to start my day and fill in Mike later during the day. Little did I know about the fate Universe has planned for me.


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