The old is not the norm anymore

Gone were the days of arranged marriages, traditional nuclear family and now even the 8-5 / 9-6 jobs. Well there is still a good handful of these people, but there has been a significant shift out of the “norm”. The robotic nature of work-life has changed the mindset of this new generation. Not that we are lazy or whatsoever, We simply look for more to life. We are not greedy but hungry to make our precious 24 hours worthwhile.

The general routine of job is desk-bound (at least for my circle of friends), boring and strips our youth! By the time you get off your not so exciting job, you are generally brain-dead. Either you meet your friends for a couple of hours and call it day. Or generally you do not even bother meeting as all you long for is a good rest and the comfort of your couch or your partner. (Perhaps we are just getting older *winks*)

Being an entrepreneur has its own benefits and risks of course. However the youth are now covered more in basic needs that allows them to venture out and explore new things. With social media developing rapidly, the new era seems promising. The monetized world has been drastically inflated  and its about time to be revolutionized. Regardless of your age, people should love what they are doing. What is the point in getting yourself stuck in 9 hours + job which deprives you of your happiness and even health ! Even the cave man had his own choice to live his life. He hunted to eat but what did he do during the rest of the time ? He spent time with his family and guarding his territory. How much time do you spend with your own family and loved ones?

Running your business has been a lot of people’s dream and envy. The start-up capital is an issue for  most cases and sustainability is another. And you will responsible and accountable for the staffs employed under you, But what I would like to see in the ideal world is not the rigid timing for work but flexibility. People should be given a choice to work from anywhere, anytime but obviously meet the deadlines for the projects. It’s a simple analogy, students progress more when they self-study rather than placed in a classroom with rules and teacher. Well the reason being, they are comfortable to experiment and be creative without being scrutinized. Not to forget the work is usually extraordinary.

I hope for a flexible world. A world where people can stop and think for themselves and the future. Commercialization and robotic lifestyle cannot erode our precious time in this planet. And we shall work towards it to break the “old norm”.

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