Short story – Reflection

“Hurry Tim!” yelled my annoying little sister across the hallway. Finally my parents have decided to celebrate the New Year in Singapore. They are definitely not the enthusiasts when it comes to partying on new year eve neither have I seen them that way. Surprisingly they were sporting to the idea of a short getaway to Singapore. My elder sister was all ready with a four-wheeled white luggage pulled to her side. She is the odd one in the family. Rita is always organized and landed a good job as an engineer. Parents have always been proud of her. Well, not in recent times as they do not approve her boyfriend. I know it will not last long as she is charmer. Me on the other hand is an absolute opposite of her. Let’s not even get started with me. While my youngest sister Rose, is a brat. Last child who is pampered and simply annoying. But that is how we roll here and i love my family no matter all the roller coaster rides we share.

“Yes, finally you are set to go” said my dad with his beer belly jiggling and he loaded the taxi that was pulled over at front porch. It always excited me when i get to travel. Seeing the world and escaping the reality of high school workload is always a thrilling. The hustle and bustle on the 29th of December 2014 at Chennai Airport, I was soaking into this moment. Another entry into my mental diary. “Please get me the toy daddy, wailed Rose” snapping me out my bubble. As usual Rita went to scold my parents on how they are spoiling their last child. I tend to keep away from their drama. I walked towards the water fountain and plugged in my ear piece and logged on to Facebook. It is mandatory to check in my location and how awesome my new year is going to be.

Notifications started to ping on my phone. Friends and relatives were wishing us “bon voyage”. I looked to my mom who was tapping to get my attention. We finally had a group check in done and I managed to get the window seat. “Great! time to get take some splendid snapshots for my bros when i return ” i told myself ad i made my way to the immigration.

A plump lady in blue was struggling with her toddler and a newborn . My helpful mom went to help her to check in her luggage. The toddler reminded me of my little sister when she was younger. I have to admit she used to be adorable. So I stood smiling at the toddler who got shy and hid behind her mother. “Thank you so much for your help, I can’t believe my husband got called back to work earlier this week and now I have to struggle to bring my kids home.” seethed the lady. My mom gave her the pitiful reassuring pat on her shoulder and turned around to us. “Wear your jackets kids! Do not chuck it into your hand carry and whine later” nagged my mom.

Half an hour later, we got through the checking and finally seated  in the flight. It was full house plane. The usual ruckus could be heard, kids crying, passengers mumbling prayers and parents chiding their kids even before the take off. “Thank God for the short journey of 4 hours” I muttered as I plugged in my earpiece. And finally the flight to Singapore took off from the runaway. Little did i know i was in the doomed flight of XT 110.


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