My mind registered someone walking towards me, as the little natural light that was streaming in the window obscured a little. I glanced away from the table where his portrait moved gently towards me to give a peck in the cheek. It’s a bewitched photo frame to capture the moment unlike the ones the non-cosmic folks have. It gives solace to me when I feel lonely and  miss him – Ram.

“Rathi my dear you need some fresh air, keeping yourself locked up in your room is not going to solve the problem ” coaxed my mother. ” You need to trust  Rishimathan on this. He definitely has his reasons for involving Ram for this task, just because he hasn’t contacted you yet doesn’t mean anything my child.  Especially during such troubled times, I doubt he would have gotten any chance to convey a message.” reasoned my ageing mom. My thin graying-hair mom looked even older as her brown eyes showed so much pain.  With eyes brimming with tears, my mom’s face got blurred but I could still see her anxious face when I closed my eyes. I felt her thins arms around me and her gentle words as usual but everything seemed to float into the empty space just like the emptiness I felt. It just didn’t feel right, I know Ram would have tried to get a message back to me and the gut feeling made it even worse.

Three months before, on our usual Friday date night Ram broke the news to me gently. I knew he will be volunteering for this fight but I couldn’t digest the fact that the day is here and he has been called up by non other than well renowned Sage Rishimathan. As much as I dreaded the conversation, I was inclined in giving him my fullest attention. But trying to keep up the rapport caused so much of distortion to my usual alert mind. Soon enough my fake smile gave it away. He paused and took my hands into his and spoke even softer “my love, I know what you are thinking but you need to keep your faith and trust Rishimathan” implored Ram. His tanned muscular arms flexed as he took me into a tight but comforting hug. Ram is tall, olive-skinned and extremely handsome young man , to top it of he is also well-educated in the college of Ariya. He was the best in his cohort of athletes trained for the worst conditions one could ever imagine. He triumphed after many obstacles in the challenge of Ruthri – a yearly 5th year challenge for graduating students. It’s meant for the ministry to pick the best to recruit into their team of Sivatar (team of combats). With constant guidance from Sage Rishimathan he is also well versed in incantations so he was naturally an envy of many mothers in the town of Ariyathusar, whom desperately hoped he might pick their daughter to be his wife. But I was the lucky woman he picked.

I being an average looking girl 16 year old with big black curls and slim yogic body walked into the college of Ariya with the many other scared first years. Ram was the prefect in charge of new students arriving by meganam ( cloud that forms into seats and flies to the destination with the a mantra –movotar).  He welcomed me with a warm smile as he checked my Ariya’s admission letter and gave me a pamphlet to proceed into the atrium. The atrium was illuminated with magical verses that kept changing as each of us walked in. Our names flew up to the ceiling  and imprinted into the dome before vanishing from sight. The bewildered first years mummered excitedly as they found their way to gather in the front of the podium which was fanned out.

A distant voice pulled me back to the present time. It was our spy Rex’s head gliding out of the vase. Him flowing in translucent green started to speak rapidly “Rathi, we have located Ram. He was last seen at the ancient tree of Ruthra during a 48 days meditation to draw the cosmic energy for his mission. He left a note with the Sage Karu’s assistant Kraube but he went missing and we only managed to trace the burnt note found at his place.” I heard my mother gasp but my mind was frozen. “Rex, what was on the note? Did you manage to do anything to find what happened?” I was pleading with my voice choking back once again. ” Yes, we did and that why I am here to convey the message. Sage Karu, managed to penetrate his assistant’s mummified mind and Ram is fine.” concluded Rex . I still felt something was a miss and Rex is hiding it. “Well this means one thing, the Dark Omen suspects we know where the first Green globe is . And whomever he sent to keep an eye on Ram did a poor job” continued Rex . ” I hope Ram managed to draw the cosmic energy to his sacred bow and arrow. We need him to reach there first to guide the Sivatar team” mom said anxiously.

I felt my heart get lighter as though it shed few tonnes of weight. At least I got some news of Ram and he did try to send me message. And I know he would have succeeded through the 48 days of devoted meditation to tap on the supreme energy surrounding us, which is not easy to even begin with but under Sage Rishimathan teaching this would have been piece of cake for Ram. But what am I doing here? I should be out there fighting with him, covering his back and giving him all the help that I could possibly render. My mind was having a tug of war in my crammed head. I wasn’t the best archer but I was well-versed in incantations and am blessed with power to control snakes. I could be of some help to the Sivatar nonetheless. With my mind made up, I bid my heartfelt gratitude to Rex and waited for nightfall to leave. I couldn’t bear to tell my mom as the Dark Omen stole  her husband 15 years ago and she will never let me go to join this mission. Not to the Dark Omen who wants to enslave people blessed with cosmic energy.


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