5 Ways to be positive

When positive energies meet, it creates magic. That’s what I would say when people ask me about the love of my life – magic. The power of energies is mind-blowing when you take a step back to reflect how much it changes our lives for the better. For an example starting your day with optimism makes a whole lot of difference on your perspective for the rest of the day . It’s inevitable that we may face some nasty people, remarks or work but it’s how we bounce back that makes a difference. And preparing our mind, body and the soul.

1) 5-Minute Journal

One way I try to make the day better and optimistic is by following the of 5-minute journal. It boosts your day with some positive message and things you are grateful for (which a lot of us tend to overlook when the goings get tough). It also allows us to summarize up amazing things that happened for the day and ways for self-improvement. I came across this wonderful book through a vlogger Mimi Ikkon. It’s good to surround us with positive vibes isn’t it. I have left the journal link for those who might be interested!


2) Music – Start you day with some pumped up music

I personally have my own playlist (see hyperlink below) for starting the day with happy music. I strongly urge people to create their own list of happy music. Music has the ability to conjure its own images and feelings without having any correlations to your memory. And It’s so much easier to chase away the monday blues or for those who find every work day “blue-ish” . You know it will be your happy pill.

My morning upbeats

3) A healthy lifestyle

I know some of my friends prefer to start their morning with a some sort of exercise. Personally I like to do yoga- surya namskara / sun saluations in specific. Since it’s best done on empty stomach I do it in the morning. The 12 step routine is great way to lose some weight  and awaken your rested muscles by stretching it. These asanas allow us to energize our body, focus the mind and feel the inner mind. Your body and mind will reap the benefits also immediately. Doing about 10 rounds is what I could achieve on a normal day. Depending on the time you make for yourself , whip up your own set of exercises.

4) Meditation

For those who do not like to exercise in the morning, meditating is another great alternative. The benefits are countless. Surprisingly, it is a relatively difficult art to master (something I am still struggling). Getting your mind to focus on a focal point and relaxing it is a such a challenge. But it is worthwhile. There are many apps and meditating music that helps to calm your brain activity. It definitely reduces the stress level, increases the attention span and improves the functioning brain. All of which we need to battle the day ahead. In fact there is no time restriction to when and where you want to meditate.

5) Spreading the happiness

Something that a lot of us happen to miss in this busy robotic world. For instance smiling at the bus driver when we board the bus or saying a proper thank you to the Starbucks lady ( I don’t mean mumbling thanks). I mean a genuine smile or appreciative thanks and not a formality phrase. We hardly feel the warmth of the people because so few are genuine or make the effort. I am a strong believer in spreading positivity. At least make someone smile everyday- my motto. Your jokes, laughter or a simple smile or thanks could achieve that. And when someone reciprocates don’t tell me that you didn’t feel good about that 😉

Spread the love and feel the good vibes bouncing back.

Disclaimer : All opinions are wholly my own.

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