Being Gay is OKAY.

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We often forget how our mind’s outlook affects our perspective. With the recent announcement from America legalizing same-sex marriages , it has drawn almost equal amount criticism as applauds.  It irks me why people have to venomously oppose this move. Isn’t sharing love what we want to achieve after all?

1) What is norm now wasn’t the norm then

Let me remind you of the era when children were match-made from young. Let’s reflect on how prayers were more prominent than actual medical treatment for the sick. Or think back on how women were usually not allowed to be working/educated but solely be responsible for reproduction. Or stop and look back on how it was OKAY to enslave a black. Any normal person would feel appalled by those above”norms” then.

2) Someone else’s business isn’t actually your business

You may by all means be your own moral police, the most you could extend your principles on would be your children. But calling mean names on other’s personal choice is unfair. How would you like if I started shaming on the food you eat. According to religion A , eating food XX is a sin. So now I am unhappy with what you eat. Yea, If you feel that is being stupid, so are your opinions on this.

3) God

Dear God, told us to share happiness,love and tolerance. And its high time to leave the “judging” to him.  I hardly doubt he hired you to do his job. Stop being a hypocrite.The day people stop taking matter’s into their hands, maybe we could finally achieve P.E.A.C.E.

It’s a pity that we need to write articles, make videos to fights for justice. “I Say Justice is Truth in Action”. I see many, many LBGT couples leading a happy and successful life. I hardly see news of them murdering or blowing up people in the name of God. Fear not for you are just finding your own happiness and it’s not in the expense of another’ misery. #LOVEWINS


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