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Hello Friends!

It’s been awhile since i posted something up. Sorry peeps! But I have something new – Food Blog! Earlier this week I went to Dancing crab with some friends at Turf club.

Dancing Crab Signature (Mild) . It was spicy considering that it was only mild. The peppery flavor was strong which was perfect for me! It was tossed with plenty of carrots, corns, potatoes, sausages ,clams and prawns. The spicy flavor marinated the meat well, enhancing the flavor.  For the price tag this made my stomach and wallet really happy.

20151001_192550-1                                                                             Price tag – $88.00

Zesty Garlic Butter- For garlic lovers its a heaven , this is splashed generously with garlic!  This has the same ingredients as above, carrots, corns, potatoes, sausages , clams and prawns. Very mild taste for the vegetables, so if you are into raw flavors, this might be good for you. But the butter gave an unpleasant look after awhile. Personally I preferred the signature mild as the meat soaked up the rich flavor enhancing the sweet sri lankan crab. .

20151001_192746-1                                                                                    Price tag – $88.00

We had a wonderful waiter named Desmond to recommend the flavors. It’s rare to find such forthcoming waiters in Singapore!  He also recommended the lemonade juice for me. Mentioned that is blended freshly. I had Key Lime Pie lemonade (sorry i forgot to snap a pic). That was refreshing and light (price tag -$4.00) and went very well with the spicy sauce. But the snacks disappointed us. Spicy cajun fries (price tag -$7.00) – we sifted thoroughly to find traces of cajun. That fries just tasted normal. I apologize for the lack of photos for the snacks and drinks!

Overall the price for the food, quality and lively ambiance was justifiable.

Hope you had an enjoyable week! Let me know if you are a seafood lover 🙂


2 thoughts on “Food Blog! | Dancing crab

  1. sherinsk says:

    I have no idea how you found my blog.In between some stupid posts if you search you can find some good posts in my blog and thanks for the follow 🙂

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