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Hello Friends!

Hope you are doing well, my blog has been mute lately. I will make it up for the silence. This weekend I managed to go out to catch up with some friends. Which is rare for me as I prefer to settle my house chores on Saturday and devote my Sunday, teaching kids.

It was a brunch session at Group Therapy, filled with laughter and good food. I got myself a pancake stack. It was a hat too big for my head. The portion was humongous and obviously i couldn’t finish it !! I opted for the seasalt caramel, on second thought i should have just stuck to maple syrup. But i decided to be adventurous and give it a shot. The pancake was fluffy and the waft of butter was enticing! The syrup added the sufficient moisture that the pancake lacked. The strawberries were sweet and tantalizing . Fresh fruits is always a winner for a great morning.


           Price tag – $16.00


            Price Tag- $6.5

I was contemplating between fresh orange juice and this mint hot chocolate. Chose the latter which wasn’t a bad choice. The chocolate wasn’t overpowering (thankfully) but the mint flavor was prominent when i had my first sniff. For those who prefer subtle taste, this isn’t for you. It was a nice twist to the classic hot chocolate.

The ambiance is the bonus! Situated in tanjong pagar at one of the shop houses , it’s a well hidden jem to transport you away from the bustling city-Singapore. The concept was Scandinavian, which gave the light airy feel and was comfortable enough to spend couple of hours laughing with my mates. However the customer service could definitely be improved.

Overall it was a bit pricey but brunch is always an expensive affair here. *sighs*

How did you spend your weekends, folks? 🙂


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