Healthy obsession

Hello Friends!

My healthy obsessions … Happy me, Happy you, Happy everybody.



That frown lines on your forehead is not doing any good folks. Use the laughter therapy especially when the day gets too tough. Watch a comedy show. It indeed does wonders to “laugh out loud”. That would do the trick and lessen your anxiety. It is also known that you laugh more when people are surrounding you (it would be pretty awkward to just laugh by yourself anyway). Its no wonder that social laughter has the tendency to occur 30 times more than solitary laughter. Interestingly laughing burns calories and naturally a good laugh makes you attractive. Laugh it out guys.

Healthy food

2012-12-08 13.10.37

I have grown up in a city most of my life. And getting fresh produce is one of the challenges my parents had. With fast food being the easier option, the temptation slowly died off with education and emphasis on clean food. Yes organic and clean food is on the pricier side. But with a global market shift we will be able to make it reasonably priced in the next few years.

I hope people will make more informed choices and question the source of the food they are buying. GMO food, animal cruelty, are the fruits and meats modified to look appealing ? The power is in your hands.



I am a woman and I love to beautify myself (no shame in admitting). In my earlier years when I was a student and was broke, I just got myself cheap products. As that’s pretty much what i could afford and there wasn’t much emphasis on clean products among the young then. However the last couple of years I have shifted myself successfully towards cleaner products. I use sesame oil for deep conditioning my hair, silicone and sulfate free shampoos. Sandalwood stick that I bought from India and it needs to made into a paste before applied onto your face. No hidden toxins and works magically for any acne or dark blemishes!

Perhaps the inner chemical engineer is being picky on the components in a product. My eyes automatically does the scanning whether its an organic product or not.

Sustainable Products 

2012-09-01 16.13.23

As much as we love cheap products and the convenience, there should also be moral obligations to the society. With rapid modernization it puts a good amount of pressure on the natural system. High rise building is being erected to accommodate the grown population which means the need to clear trees to make more flat land. Perhaps a vertical gardening would be good offset? This links back to the healthy food. Many companies have damaged agricultural and cultivated land by practicing unsustainable farming methods.

With human population taking an exponential growth it will would be recommended to have some control over the food we eat and products we use. For instance plastic usage is still very high in Asia, simply for convenience sake. Although my parents recycle it, its a huge challenge to cut it out completely. The dependency on a car in a small city is absurd. We can use some clean technology like cycling (I love the dutch people for this!) or use the public transport to cut on the carbon emission. There is still a lot more to be done from my side. But being aware and taking small actions is definitely a start.

These are my healthy obsessions! External, Internal, on the surface and how I can contribute to the society. I am just sharing my train of thoughts. Do leave what else you would recommend to improve your lifestyle 🙂

10 thoughts on “Healthy obsession

  1. Sam Red says:

    Great post filled with wisdom. What a different world we’d live in if we all lived according to this framework that you present. Well done! Warm greetings, Sam 🙂

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