Wicca and The Potioner

“Angelina! hold on”. But she didn’t stop, neither turn around as she knew who it would be. Tears were streaming down her soft cheeks and she quickened her pace to get away from the corridor. She wasn’t ready to be taunted again and she definitely did not require anybody’s sympathy;especially Ryans’.  Her vision blurred as she took the left which leads to the ladies loo and locked herself in the empty cubicle.

“At least he can’t come here,” she muttered to herself as she slumped on the closed toilet cover. Her thoughts drifted to the uneventful afternoon. Just as magical potions class ended, Rina turned towards her and whispered in her drawling voice “heard you started vlogging, who would spend their precious time seeing your pathetic face,” Her clique of sidekicks giggled at her profound insult. If only Mrs.Longsmith walked out into the teachers portal and vanished, “I would tip that potion of acne into her daily orange juice” the little voice in Angelina edged on. Rina Clamor, Hesintha Jones, Denise Wole and Montrie Jailey went on whispering nasty remarks on Angelina Sandly’s frizzy hair, her birthmark on her fist and her loneliness. Just as Angelina stood up to walk away from them, one of them casted the paper spell, where a paper flew right onto her face blocking her view and made her fall flat on her face. After the whole class subsided their laughter. Rina managed to convince Mrs.Longsmith that she pulled out a paper meant for Denise.

“It was an accident Professor! ” Rina sang a convincing story as usual. The rest was history.

“why am I here?” questioned Angelina as she buried her face into her hands. She is an orphan. Angelina’s mother passed away when her magical experiment went awfully wrong. Angelina’s mother Ruth was a beautifully talented lady, but fate had his way. They belonged to the Potioners Clan situated at the outskirts of Sister’s Town, renowned for their expertise in potions making in pottery. Different clans come together in this wizardry school -Wicca.  The clans are potioners, roamers, wandery and writers.The writers are the law makers and keep the law and order and are in-charge of educating the young minds. The wandery people are well trained in wand magic and are usually entrusted in defense strategies. The roamers are blessed with knowledge of transcendental meditation and astrology. A bitter and senseless war between potioners and roamers has soured the current generation. The war also claimed her father James’s life.

“Angelina, come out.. we know you are in there” she heard. I can’t believe it ! Why can’t they leave me alone. The rush of anger and hatred boiled in Angelina as she unlocked the door. The long wand of Ryan’s was pointing right at Angelina’s nose. “you? How..” before Angelina’s finished her question, a silent spell hit her squarely on her face and she collapsed.


15 thoughts on “Wicca and The Potioner

  1. Steven Capps says:

    Hey there, I wanted to say thanks for following my blog! I love how quick your post is. I love reading fiction, but I usually don’t like reading it on a computer. I think you made an awesome choice on not having your piece super long. Is this part of a serial or is it a standalone?

      1. Jessie says:

        Interesting question. I write on the moment of inspiration. And that can be anything. Poem and stories are my main focus. Asides that I post food blog and general lifestyle info to document my train of thoughts 🙂

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