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Food equates to happiness for me ! This Saturday was well spent eating comfort food at Little India. Don’t mind the messiness as I was too famished to stop my hands from sneaking on to the sides 😛


Price Tag : Approx $17 for 2 pax (with 2 meat dishes)

Eating from banana leaves dates back to thousands of years in Southern India customs. In Singapore, you can still find some restaurants serving on banana leaf. It is known that these leaves contain plant-based compounds called polyphenols, which is similar to green tea. Thus it is a natural antioxidant!  So the food that is served on these leaves absorb the polyphenols and we benefit from these nutrients. Its not only eco friendly and chemical free but enhances the already delicious food (yumz) . The waxy coating on the leaf melts once the hot food is placed, making the food to taste even better.

Enough of chemistry and sustainability ! This place is one of my favorites. Located at Hindoo Road, Veeras curry restaurant offers the most affordable meal while maintaining the authentic flavour and typical tamil nadu ambiance . I had vegetarian meal today, so I snapped my portion of the food. Meanwhile my friend went for some masala prawn and fried fish (which had very good reviews too). The vegetables were spinach dal , masala potatoes and yogurt (curd) cucumber.

Spinach dal is always my favorite. It was pumped with the right amount of dal to give the creaminess and the cumin for the wonderful aroma. However i found the potatoes a bit too hard today, (usually its good). This had the spicy chilli powder taste to match the cooling cucumber dish. Cucumber mixed with yogurt is the ultimate cooling food for an equatorial country like Singapore. I opted for curd to go with my rice as it was way too hot here. Which made my Saturday lunch titillating!

Overall perfectly yummy food for me. Happy tummy, happy wallet = happy me! 🙂


17 thoughts on “Food Blog | Veeras

  1. 10000hoursleft says:

    Damn! I was in the middle of writing a lengthy comment when some glitch made me lose it. In summary, I am salivating after reading your post, and I have great food memories from a visit to Singapore some years back (in my guise as an engineer) – from affordable canteen type Indian to upmarket Chinese in a swanky club paid for by my equipment supplier I was there to visit.

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