Thank you!

Hello my beautiful friends,

This is a thank you post..When i first started scribbling my thoughts onto a book, I was probably 10. And then my parents got me a computer when I entered my teens. I had many short stories written and stored in that PC. Sadly it crashed. But not my imagination for writing. I used to write the most random stuff (poem, stories, recipe etc). You name it, I had it.

Two years ago I finished my B.E and my passion for writing rekindled. But i was hesitant to put my doodles and scribbles up online. I was afraid of hasty remarks. I was frightened that I would be ridiculed. Then I remembered, Zoella –  a Youtuber mentioning “Say Yes, More !” I opened my first online blog (wordpress) and wrote whatever I felt. Just left my thoughts to cruise through me to produce the posts. Yesterday I hit 100 followers! I was amazed on how many people actually bother to read my thoughts scribbled in this platform and some even leave the sweetest comments. You guys have no idea how grateful I am. A big fat happy thank you to all of you awesome guys!


For those who are just starting out, don’t worry. Just write. Don’t force yourself to come up with something. If you get the inspiration, then go for it. If not its going to be some half baked work, which wouldn’t do justice to your soul and your post. But say yes , more often. Venture out. Try different things and don’t hold back. When you look back how you have evolved through time, its a fulfilling feeling 🙂


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