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Hello my beautiful friends!

I realize I have too many food photos stored in my phone and this would be good avenue to dump those info. Please note since this is a throwback, I may not remember the exact price :/ Some of the photos date back to more than a year! But as a guide a typical main course ranges from 15 ‎€ – 20 ‎€. Food in France costs a bomb!

First throwback would be of this beautiful country I visited last year – France! I have tonnes of photos that I am going to slowly post up. The first one is this cozy garden cafe at Meylan – Le Garden cafe! This cafe is average when it comes to main course wise. I personally didn’t like the seafood I ordered. The salmon tasted way too old (perhaps the insufficient seasoning gave that taste) and the too creamy sauce put me off. I enjoyed the fries and salad though, fresh and crunchy.


            Poisson – Salmon grille, sauce du moment

Those who know me well knows that I am an avid tea lover!  I got myself a mint tea for the cozy fall weather in France.What a cute way to serve ! I loved the tea 😀


Mint Tea

If you are in France, you wouldn’t miss their desserts. It’s just so good ( I can’t emphasis enough) ! Crème brulée à la chartreuse is a must try which uses a local specialty. Chartreuse is a french liqueur  made with some secret manuscript using 130 herbs, plants and flowers. The strong taste varies from sweet to pungent. But for this Crème brulée ,the smooth, creamy taste with caramelized coating and a tinge of chartreuse liquer is just heaven in a spoon 🙂

The smaller variety is commonly known as Café gourmand. This had classic Crème brulée, some fluffy whipped cream dessert “thingy” topped with nuts (not too sure of exact name) , coffee, raspberry boule de glace and I have no clue what the last one was 😦 (any french dessert lovers please enlighten me). But all of those were super delicious. The coffee was too concentrated for a seasoned asian tongue like mine.  But the sweetness for the cream and ice cream was just right, making it savory. This portion is humongous and I shared it with a friend!

                  20141028_124211 20141028_124200

                                     Café gourmand                                                           Crème brulée à la chartreuse

Overall Le garden is a slightly expensive affair, but the drinks and desserts are worth every penny. Perhaps other main course meals makes the cut but definitely not this Poisson! I would visit again just for the beautiful scenery , lovely staff and their Crème brulée 😛


16 thoughts on “Food Blog #TB| Le Garden Cafe

  1. andy1076 says:

    omg the size of the creme brule alone, that by itself already has me wanting to go! Right along with the surroundings,always enjoyed that kind of atmosphere 🙂

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