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Hello my beautiful friends!

Weekends are here ! It means good food all day round 🙂 Work days sadly doesn’t give you the time to enjoy glorious lunch. This sat was well spent shopping at Little India, the festive season is here. (yay! less than a month for Deepavali !! ) So lunch was settled at Ananda Bhavan in bustling Serangoon road. Cheap food without any much compromise in quality!


Price Tag – $7.50

Now that’s a humongous portion but it suited my boyfriend’s monstrous appetite 😀  Served with so many kind of flavors you could possibly think of. The plate was so full that my boyfriend didn’t know which to stuff himself first with. Generally south Indian vegetarian meal starts off with thicker gravy ( usually sambar or spicy curry), then definitely rasam and finally you end your rice with yogurt and spicy pickles ! And you get a variety of side dishes to accompany your rice and you end of with a sweet dessert (usually payasam). There you go, now you know how to eat like a pro-south Indian 🙂

Jumping on to the banana leaf packed food, going clockwise

  • Rice with chapptti (flat bread)
  • Onion chutney  (Flavorful with mustard seed seasoning tinge which suited well for the vadai)
  • Spicy lemon pickle
  • Vadai (sadly it wasn’t crispy on the outside but maintained the soft dough inside)
  • Papadam (plain chips like crunchy dish)
  • Cabbage fry (the spiced seasoning and coconut gave a nice sweetness)
  • Yougurt mixed long beans ( a subtly sourish dish to balance the overall meal)
  • Soya chunk masala ( this was soo good! it had the perfect sweet and spicy blend )

Now onto the “sauce” in the small containers

  • Sambar (aromatic lentil based thick gravy)
  • Spicy vegetable curry (This was mildy spicy and mouthful with marinated vegetables)
  • Rasam (tamarind and slightly spicy pepper-ish soup)
  • Yogurt
  • Green bean Payasam dessert (sweet and creamy)
  • Yellow Dal (this was alright,  just plain dal with salt seasoning to go with the chapatti)

Now that was a handful to type! (phew). You guys must know how much I love food 😛


Price Tag : $3.50

Since I had craving for this, I went for Sambar Idli! It’s one of my favorite dishes. Mini steamed idlis are soaked in this sambar base. Sambar is one of south Indian stable vegetarian curry. Pumped with lentil and vegetables, it gives a nice crunchy texture filled with spices and tinge of tamarind for the sweet and sour balance. The carbs and proteins dossed in this sustained me for the next few hours of shopping! They also gave a scoop of coconut chutney which gave the splendid nutty and spicy flavor (yumz). For $3.50 this was just too heavenly. I going to have takeaway for this next week!

Overall, the price is no comparison for the good stuff that you eat. A fully vegetarian restaurant that focuses a lot on clean food (thumbs up for that). Though their service could be improved vastly . I would recommend this place to my friends to explore the vegetarian Indian cuisine.

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