The red brothel

Someone parted the faux crystal curtain dividing the room from the main corridor. Rita looks up to find the same man who visited her home one week ago. He reeked of alcohol and that awful scent always made her younger sister cringe.  “Come on, move to the kitchen area ” Rita quickly but subtly nudged her sister Rosy. He was slightly unsteady and his blood-shot eyes scanned the young girls as they hurried off from the small sofa in the messy place. Although their mother is a sex worker, she doesn’t want her two children to be doing this. “I can’t wait to get a job, I will support my mother and sister ” Rita mumbled to herself who was scarred from the past. Just then their mother walked out from the room and ushered him to the single room in tiny rented space. It’s not uncommon for children to be in prostitution area but Rita hated everything about her lifestyle. Maybe not everything, she loved her little sister who is aged  8 and Rita is 16. “I need to find a way to protect her and escape from this dingy place of hell.” she told herself determinedly as she watched her sister play with a dirty stuffed toy.

“Why wouldn’t she choose to do something with more dignity? ” she questioned angrily. But it is of no use. she very well knew the answer. The pimp has men all around the vicinity to keep an eye on the flesh traders in case they chose to abscond. It is modern- day slavery. She remembers the day clearly – April 2nd , 2002. She was doing her homework while awaiting for her father, an odd job coolie to come home for dinner. “Rita, bring me a jug of water” , she heard her familiar father’s voice. She dashed to get the copper jug so that he could wash up his feet before entering the house. “Papa, Miss. Rekha said my sentences are getting better !” Rita proudly told her papa as she skipped alongside. ” Wow , I am so glad to hear that, you must teach me how to write now ” the middle-aged man asked her affectionately. He loved his wife and children. Since her mother Jancey was an orphan, he took such good care of her to give the fulfillment of love and family. But on the uneventful night when he went out ,he never came back. The local police closed the case as an accident. But Rita’s mother couldn’t believe the story. ” He is so careful of the surrounding, he must have seen something which he shouldn’t have. The local thugs must have covered up the whole story.” her mother wailed in the grieve-stricken home. Since they live in a place where money and corruption rules over everything, Rita couldn’t cross out the possibility either.

Soon after her father’s death they were asked to evict from the rented house. Her mother tried to borrow money from people they knew but the financial burden started to take a toll. Men started harassing her beautiful olive-skinned mother with raven hair. When the local thugs realized there isn’t anyone to look out for this family anymore, the lust driven and morality degraded men raped her mother in front of Rita. Her pleas went unheard. And her mother didn’t make police complaint, fearing for the safety for her two young children. All of her dreams crushed right in front of her which brought nothing but days of endless pain. Jancey couldn’t find a job to support the family until one day help came in another form…A burly looking man, offered her mother a job and protection for her and her two young children. Desperation and failure of the society drove her to this hell. Once you are in, there is no out, so thought her mother. “I need you to study really well Rita. Nothing is more powerful than education. ” the words from her mother imprinted in her heart. It fueled her burning desire to save her family and many others like hers. The sacrifices her mother made so that her children could be safe, it could never be repaid back but Rita wants to give back a little ray of happiness to her warrior mother.It infuriates her that some men sees her nothing more than piece of meat for their satisfaction.

Other women who are in this trade, came in voluntarily as it reaped so much more money than working elsewhere. There is a huge market for this trade, it is never going to die out anytime soon but she wants a better life for children who have been trafficked here. Being a social activist is her ambition and she has already started her cause. She has been teaching young children and she reads the newspapers to the elderly so that they know the world better.  There are organizations to care for the poor and needy. “Rita you will be the beacon of hope for us one day, I hope to live till that day to see your activism in the papers,” an 65-year-old sex worker told her admiringly some months back. So many young and vulnerable people are not aware of the organizations out there and her sole mission is to bring awareness so humans are not exploited to fill someone’s greedy nature.

The creaking noise of the opening door brought Rita back to reality. The customer had been “served” and he unsteadily left the house without a second glance, as much as Rita cannot digest this she has gotten used to her discomfort. Her mother carefully took out the crumpled $10 bill. “Rita, run down and get the milk and rice from the shop we are running out of it anyway” her mother said tiredly. Rosy dashed to take the money while Rita’s head was still lost in her own thoughts. ” Mama can I go?? ” Rosy was bouncing up and down trying to reach for the money.

“Mother I know how we can leave this place without much problems. Just pack your bag, I know the right place to go to,” Rita explained slowly to her mother. Jancey watched her elder daughter in bewilderment with a small smile forming on her worn-out oval face.. Where there is love, there is always hope. You just need to find it in the right avenue. The smell of freedom was exhilarating enough to forget the reeking alcoholic man and the three ladies got on to their master plan.

P.S: This is a fictional story. Any resemblance to characters or story plot is pure coincidence. I wanted to write a short story on prostitution to help people. Below I have hyperlinked some websites to help anyone who needs help with sex trade or trafficking, if you are a victim or you know someone who could use these help, please share the links with them. Spread the love.


40 thoughts on “The red brothel

  1. David Rollason says:

    Thank you for writing this, we all need to be reminded that it is a very common theme in this so called enlightened world we live in but it is so easy just to look the other way. Thank you

    1. Jessie says:

      It’s my pleasure . I wanted to write something that the society overlooks so easily and we should do our part in protecting the victims or possible victims.

  2. jncthedc says:

    It’s nice to see someone writing about critical issues that exist below the radar in the U.S. This is a serious issue and needs to be brought out in the open and dealt with to end this barbaric behavior. You have done an excellent job with this story!

    1. Jessie says:

      I am glad that you liked my work and the reason behind prompting me to write this in the very first place. I hope more people will spread the awareness and help to nurture the society. Thank you 🙂

  3. luckyjc007 says:

    Thanks for well written this post. There should be more awareness of this and the fact these people need help and support. So many lives are ruined because of lack of help and not knowing where, when, or how to get the help they need.

    1. Jessie says:

      Yes ! It’s so unfortunate that we still live in such miserable time. The least we could do is share information and be vigilant. I m glad you liked it ☺thank you!

  4. aruna3 says:

    ur story reminds me those days when d prostitution was a business for lived in city having their special area where nights were noisy,lightful n delighted.every ones was welcome.d ceremony of NATHUTRAYI was celebreted.they liked to born girl child coz their business continuing;dt age has passed away.but then n now a girl or lady realy is suffuring mently,emotionaly n physicaly n badly torchered.uf,now i am unable to say more.but ur mission is safty such women;i have willing power to save them.if u want,plz join me with much tears in eyes n heart r blowing after reading dis story.god bless them.

    1. Jessie says:

      I am glad you could understand the depth in the story and the underlying issues. Being vigilant is the first step. We can save someone someday. God bless them too.

  5. Red Tree says:

    So gutting, and painfully real. So many women, used and destroyed. Their lives as precious as the gift of rain and as forgotten as waist water in a ditch. Thank you for this Jessie.

  6. Sam Red says:

    Wow! Very powerful story. My heart goes out to women and children caught up in these nightmarish scenarios. It’s very valuable work to help raise the profile of organisations that can help these persons in distress. Well done. Warm greetings, Sam 🙂

  7. bkpyett says:

    It’s good to see you writing about this difficult subject. Yes, a child growing up without love has a very difficult road ahead, this child you wrote about was lucky! Slavery and prostitution are much more universal than many care to acknowledge. ❤

    1. Jessie says:

      I am glad you could appreciate the underlying issue. It’s unbelievable that such things still exists now. I hope more can be done to curb this unfortunate issue.

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