Happy Deepavali | 2015

Hello my beautiful friends,

I have been quite quiet this week as so much time went into preparing festival of lights! So i decided to share some good energy and lovely pictures to my wordpress peeps! Deepavali is derived from Sanskrit language which loosely translates to series of lights. Deepavali is celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs and some Buddhist citing various historical events pining on the date. However,they all have something in common which is to symbolize the “victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, hope over despair.”

There are many versions across India. But in TamilNadu (where my ancestors hail from ), it is said to be the day Lord Krishna defeats Narakasura (demon) that was tormenting the people on earth. The day where their many years of misery is finally lifted and became deepavali , a celebration with lights, firecrackers and sweets !

So it all begins with preparation with spring cleaning ,decoration, making of savory sweets and getting new clothes 😀


Who celebrates without some awesome snacks. Its a tradition to make home made cookies/sweets to bring in the festive season and definitely foster some family bonding!

IMG-20151109-WA0010                IMG-20151107-WA0010

                         Kesari                                                                                      Spritz cookies – Cherry




Almond London


It’s no where near deepavali without some good decorated house, especially with lights. Though it’s mainly small flats in Singapore so much can be done in a small crib. It’s traditional folk art to have rice flour kolam / rangoli patterns to welcome the guests (and to bring good luck) for most major Indian festivals.

IMG-20151110-WA0002        IMG-20151108-WA0010 1

                                       Rangoli                                                                                  Light it up!


flowers deco

Festive Day

It’s a custom to take your bath with gingelly oil (sesame oil) with shiakkai (Acacia concinna – an ayurvedic medicinal plant) hair powder. It is believed that Goddess Mahalaksmi resides in these on deepavali day (so be sure to get her blessings!). After the festive bath, children and adults will adorn the new clothes that was placed in the alter for blessing. It will usually have a little dab of tumeric applied on the new clothes by family elders. The reason being turmeric has anti bacterial properties to ward off bacteria that might be on the clothes. And tumeric and kumkuma powder is used for hindu rituals as it is deemed as auspicious product. After family prayers the celebration begins with good food, energy and laughter!





Hope you guys had a wonderful week and I would like to take this opportunity to wish my Hindu readers a very HAPPY DEEPAVALI! 😀

54 thoughts on “Happy Deepavali | 2015

    1. Jessie says:

      Hi, It is the same thing. Just a simple explanation from wiki!
      Diwali is derived from the Sanskrit dīpāvali “series of lights”. formed from dīpa “light, lamp”and āvali “series, line, row”.

  1. Smiling Notes says:

    Beautiful photos !! Happy Diwali to you! I hail from the state of Maharshtra and many of the customs as well as the belief about Lord Krishna is similar to the ones you just mentioned 😊


    Hola Guys! Thanks for the supportingg me 😊Please check out my insta : candystrawberrycupcake . please I need some of likes . I also follow you 💟💞👍awwwwwhappyy diwaliiiiiiiii

  3. Wildflower Women says:

    Thank you for this wonderful description of the day, and wishing you a very Happy Diwali! My dear friend is in Rishikesh for her first ever celebration . . . she thinks too many fireworks and that everyone must be deaf from them! However, she is loving it all!

    1. Jessie says:

      Thank you ! Haha, the firecrackers in India should be more fun. In singapore there are many restrictions (for the best ) for the type of firecrackers. It was splendid nonetheless 😀

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