The strange book

“Hold on! I am coming Roy” shouted Elisabeth. With her slender petite frame she took long strides in her denim jeans.  Just as she was adjusting her hazelnut hair tied in ponytail, something caught her eye which made her stop in her tracks. It’s a moss filled rock but something else was on the surface, its edge sticking out. The edge had rusty gold detailing, but she couldn’t see much from her angle. “Well, time to get that thing out “she muttered as she parted the moss scrunching her freckled nose.

“Oh! It’s a book. How lovely” Elisabeth squealed in delight.  Elisabeth is a massive book worm. Since young she gets inspired to go around and explore the Rouge Zone thinking that she could be the next Indiana Jones. Her sidekick and childhood friend Roy tags along just because he “believes” he is saner than her, which obviously Elisabeth doesn’t agree to. Roy with his sandy blond hair and slightly buffed body from his recent workouts decided to make his way back.  ”How long will you take here? I have been waiting for eons! “Roy’s distant unhappy voice was getting closer.” Hmm… This thing caught my eye. Apparently it’s a book with no title…” Elisabeth answered him while flipping the Green book back and front.

“Should I open it?” questioned Elisabeth looking slightly hesitant.

“Obviously, that’s what people do with a book” Roy rolled his eye while trying to snatch for the strange book. “No! You don’t snatch like that Roy!” and their bickering starts. ”You need to be gentle, look the spine is fragile and it may contain something important” Elisabeth snapped.

“Yeah, probably some dude like me left it. You know I have hidden stuff in the soil so that many many years later someone might find it and appreciate it. But guess what?  I did that when I was 8! You’re 16 now! “Roy retaliated. Suddenly he stopped and stared at the book so did Elisabeth. It was snapped open and was flipping on its own. Elisabeth froze in fear yet she looked transfixed at the blank pages. “There isn’t a bloody word in this book” she heard Ron whisper. All she could do was to nod. And suddenly the flipping stopped at page 103. “Wait, what just happened? There still isn’t anything on this page! “Roy voice was slightly alarmed . But Elisabeth could see what was on the book and the book was speaking to her. It could see her and read her mind for the answers. It was all happening too fast for her to register every details. “But the question is , how is Roy going to believe her story.”

Elisabeth felt her head pounding. “Okay, we need to leave this place quickly Roy..” she stopped mid way still debating on how much she should indulge him with. “yea.. that’s what I was saying from beginning. It is almost night fall and you decided to explore this funny book.” Roy definitely had no clue what happened or what she saw. “That’s good at least i don’t have to come up with lies” Elisabeth told herself. “phew, I think it was very windy earlier, the book gave me a fright ” Roy tried to get back to the topic she didn’t want to venture, at least not now. “Hmm..yea it was very windy” she tried to play along sounding distant in thoughts. She needed some space to process all the information she saw. What was the golden circle all about? It had so many strange writings going in circular motion around the edge of the circle with a sun in the center. It definitely was a sun. She reiterated to herself. Trying to recall as much she could.

“We will meet again at 01:03 ” that was the last sentence before the book stopped its mysterious messages. She always wanted to find something extraordinary but now that its happening Elisabeth is having jitters .

P.S I don’t know if I should continue this plot.

45 thoughts on “The strange book

  1. David Rollason says:

    Of course the story should go althoiugh it’s myster is part of it brilliance but, perhaps you could start a competition with this as the opening feature; it could go anywhere and everywhere!!

      1. David Rollason says:

        I have done a similar thing with a writers group I am part of, instead of just a theme or a title, it’s facinating to see how different writers read and develop an original piece of work. Not everyone will have taken the same meaning from your great writing so give it a go? Even if it’s just on here, where else can you find such an eclectic group of creative minds?

  2. The 13th Writer says:

    It’s really good, you should continue.
    Just gentle criticism, I think maybe you can separate the dialogue from the other parts of the story, like the dialogue gets its own paragraph, because it kinda looks intimidating if you have huge chunks of words, if you know what I mean. People tend to get lost in too many words.
    And maybe separate some of your sentences with commas too? For example, the sentence “With her slender petite frame she took long strides in her denim jeans…”
    You could put a comma between “petite frame” and “she took” so it looks like this: “With her slender petite frame, she took long strides in her denim jeans.”
    This is just a suggestion, no offense.

  3. Robyn Haynes says:

    Jessie I liked the way you began your story and wanted to read on (always a good sign). I believe you write until the muse decides the story has run its course.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

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