Pain is subjective, So is tolerance 

A sorry isn’t a magic potion,

to heal the broken promises 

Is it fair to ask for forgiveness always

Once can be a mistake

Twice is a warning

Anything more, is pure complacency 

As much as I try to forgive you again

my soul feels displaced 

You come back as though nothing happened

But I can’t continue the facade

why you may wonder

Learn that  you can’t fill a blank space

It’s becomes eternity of black hole

A vacuum you created where,

what remains is just void space

I don’t feel the same anymore

Why you may ask

Because of you, I would say

20 thoughts on “Vacuum

  1. Kevin says:

    I tend to be forgiving because I have been forgiven by God. But having said that as my late mother used to say “I forgive but I do not forget.”

  2. justagirllost2 says:

    I think it all comes down to the true intent of a person’s heart. Those who we know say or do things to intentionally hurt us, that to me is unforgivable. They rarely, if ever say ‘sorry’ either.
    Lovely, poignant words. 🍃🌺

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