Food Challenge | Sambar Idli

Hello my beautiful friends !

Hope the Friday excitement is kicking in 😀 An interesting challenge by one by my blogger friend Bunnyblogsite has intrigued me. Thank you for the nomination my friend. So TA-DA! My very first challenge is here!


Firstly rules:

So the challenge is you have to write a small paragraph on your favorite food defining why you like that food, when you first tasted it , any memories with it etc etc..

the rules for it are-

  1. you have to write your feeling not the recipe for making it.
  2. you have to tell the person who is nominating you what is your favorite food( so i can also give it a try  :-))
  3. you have to stick a picture of it.
  4. you have to nominate 7 persons for this challenge.



  1. Sambar Idli

It is one of the best breakfast/tiffin items for me. The steamed soft savory cake goes absolutely well with the sambar. Sambar which is made from dal and a mixture of vegetables which could be loosely translated to Indian form of vegetable stew gives the prefect balance of taste. Its an absolute healthy start to begin your day! (*double thumbs up*)


I have been having this since i was a kid ( 5 years or so).. so its a dish that’s very close to me -pretty much my comfort food. I was introduced to this at one of the restaurants in Singapore. But now, my favorite place to get this is Anada Bhavan !

Nominees : – No obligations of course 😉










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