Goal Setting | 2016

Hello my beautiful friends,

Welcome back ! Thankful that we made it through to 2016 😀  YAY!

With school and work coming on full swing it might be hard to sit at a corner to re-evaluate your goals.  As much as I agree with some people that new year resolution shouldn’t just be an annual affair  but I take this new beginning as an opportunity for a fresh start.

I am a massive planner person. I need a productive planner to jot down my thoughts and daily chores. It somehow keeps me on track. Being a Gemini person doesn’t help with my whirling thoughts. I know technology is well advanced but I am conventional.  I really like the feeling of writing and canceling your work once done. You get what i mean 😉

1.The magic to think clear


Regardless of your profession. It is always good to have a goal in life. At any point of your life remember to draw up a chart (something personalized) . The reason why i find this being really helpful compared to having a vision in your head is,  bringing it out to the physical world. When we do up a chart, the visual colors and pictures somehow prints in our head. This help us to retain the information and desires in a sub-conscious level. And it is best to do this every few years as our goals might have been fulfilled and our new dreams need to be in the chart !

2. Deadline


I have to make realistic goals. I may wish to do so many stuff but i forget i am working and my “free time” is very limited. So this year i hope to set  one deadline per week to assist me and reduce the amount of stress i bring upon myself unknowingly.

3. Doing what you love


We often end up in situation where you are forced to do something that you may not enjoy so much. But we just “keep swimming” like how Dory would say. Although it is a good trait to push on , we should also be aware of the projects/work you take up on. Learning to say no is a trait that i hope to work on. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

4. Motivation


Work is hectic. There is no denying in this. But it will be good to write out what you have accomplished for that day to reflect on your productivity. It somehow drives me to do more for the next day! I hope to remove toxic thoughts in mind and learn to love myself for who I am – not that i don’t. Some days when the going gets tough you tend to feel worthless or useless. And this method is a definite morale booster that I hope to incorporate.

5. Healthy Lifestyle

healthy lif

Having a balanced life is the fundamental criteria for a happy life. Family, work , personal welfare. We need to work out a system that suits our lifestyle so that we can keep both our emotional and physical state well. I hope my plan on doing regular yoga and drinking 2L water per day will work and keep my stress at bay 😀

These are my goals or rather things i would like to improve on myself. What are yours?



36 thoughts on “Goal Setting | 2016

  1. davidprosser says:

    Sounds like you have things down to a fine art. I hope things work out in 2016 the way you hope. Sometimes life gets in the way a little bit and you need to make an allowance for that.
    My own personal goal for 2016…..to keep waking up in the morning as long as possible.
    xxx Huge Galore xxx

    1. Jessie says:

      Yes ! Not being rigid but just creating a little stepping stone for me 🙂 Thank you for the wishes !
      What a lovely personal goal ! Here’s to good health 🍹

  2. Miriam says:

    Great goals for the year. I’m a big list person myself. If I don’t write myself a “to do” list every day I find that I’m just not productive. But my main resolution this year is simply to live in the now and enjoy each moment of life. Have a great year 🙂

  3. Pauline Stephanie says:

    I love planners and writing everything down! I enjoyed this post! Good luck with school and work. I’ll be on the same boat soon and I’m just trying to take advantage of the next few days before school begins again! 🙂

      1. wwwpalfitness says:

        Thank you for saying that. I do write a lot and make up my own styles and wrote haikus and acrostics that I never did before a cpl months ago. The story boarding I do is different too 🙂

  4. abigailirozuru says:

    I love the motivation part! Writing a list and reflecting on what you have done over time encourages you to keep up with your levels of productivity. Sometimes I even have a ‘Done’ list so I can add stuff that wasn’t originally planned in my calendar and feel good about what I’ve achieved. I also love your healthy goals – to drink more water and do yoga! Great stress-reliever and good for flexibility, tone and strength. Go get it!

  5. tmezpoetry says:

    Jessie, I am totally not a planner haha. But I also get the enjoyment of task completion. Hopefully this year I will get more organized! Good luck on your goals.

  6. gspottedpen says:

    Jessie, Being Pisces I don’t normally plan and I try to live for the day. I have found that the realistic and the unrealistic goals that I have set don’t come into fruition. Yes, I will try your method. Thanks Anand Bose from Kerala.

  7. dougstuber says:


    Buckhead offers twelve-dollar sandwiches,
    Parents lunching their children on Saturday:
    Straight from Beemer to deli to Emory to evening
    Wedding to Benz to kids at lunch on Peachtree.

    North Peachtree, where you can’t quite see the smog
    Thanks to trees and art and tacky bars. Southern
    Culture on the skids, but not outside this deli, where
    Leaves tumble with Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda cans.

    All I can think of is you: hamburgers and organic
    Bananas, juices, never soda, and a complete
    Satisfaction. Money doesn’t earn these deli-dippers
    The satisfaction you have. Inner peace even.

    You cook after volunteering, after the kids are
    Down for the night. You go there and back then home
    To ride your bike to work. Teach me how to calm
    Myself won’t you? One point at five points:

    There is no chemistry to teach the zen you have.
    Perfect weather makes yellow leaves stand out.
    Small winds coerce more travel. Sharp shadows
    Waver. One beacon lures me home to paint autumn.

  8. Nena says:

    Excellent advice! I especially like your idea of writing our what you have accomplished for the day. It not only motivates you, but it reduces stress because you get to see how much you got done as opposed to focusing on what you were not able to do.

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