Thaipusam | 2016

Hello everyone!

It has been a rather busy weekend because of Thaipusam- A festival celebrated mostly by the Tamil Hindu community. I am going to post up some pictures I took during the procession in Singapore. This approximately 5km walk (in singapore) is done barefooted from Perumal temple to Thendayuthapani temple and generally the devotees fast a vegetarian diet for 1 month for this day by consuming only one meal and they also observe strict celibacy.

Just a little background!

There are few legends that are often associated with this festival. One of them states that this day thai (tamil month ~  mid jan-feb) pusam (name of a star) , the Pusam star is at its peak during this festival. Where Lord Muruga was given a vel (spear) by his mother Parvati to vanquish the demon- Tarakasur. Millions of Hindus celebrate this day to pray for protection against evil thoughts, traits or even seek penance and they fulfill their vows by carrying kavadi or paal kudam (milk pot).

For more info on these legends: ↓

The procession will start by having a family prayer in Perumal temple (start point). I couldn’t snap any pictures inside as it was way too crowded.

The procession starts with devotees often accompanied by their friends and families 
A man carrying Kavadi 

Kavadi comes in all shape and sizes usually decorated with peacock feathers and the might contain rice , milk etc with the items devotees has vowed to offer.


More Kavadis and some ladies in yellow with paal kudam (milk pot)

You would also see friends and families singing hymns and playing instruments to bring in the festive mood and also motivate the kavadi carriers throughout their journey.

Some people playing music instruments 
new 2
Thanks to the Police Marshall and volunteers for coordinating the traffic control 
Snaking queue of devotees!
Final destination ! Devotees have reached the temple to pray and complete their vows.



P.S All photos are mine and please give due credit when using the photos. 


40 thoughts on “Thaipusam | 2016

  1. bluebrightly says:

    Very interesting – I like the idea of a festival centering on eradicating evil thoughts – that might counter a little of the violence that pervades TV! And thanks for following my blog – I appreciate it!

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