Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Hello my beautiful friends!

My dear blogging friend Paul has nominated me for this very lovely award . Massive thanks to you Paul for recognizing my work and effort! He has been my faithful supporter since i started posting blog posts. Do check his blog for awesome content                       → wwwpalfitness

The Rules:

Display the award and thank your nominator. Then answer these questions: What are your top 5 bloggers and why? What type of posts do you like to read (I know most of us like a good 5-10 types LOL) Do you plan to change any styles regarding your blog? Then just introduce yourself however you wish to and nominate 3-5 people. Keeping it real low maintenance. Remember to highlight people and your nominator and after your post is complete, copy the link and add it to a post of theirs.


My top five bloggers :

Paul Militaru – He has awesome pictures that makes your feed look so beautiful

Claire St. Hilaire She has such beautiful poems – go on give it a read!

Nena She is a lovely writer and a good friend! Who never fails to encourage you 😀

Doug Doug has such beautiful photos and he’s a wonderful motivator. Always there to cheer you on!

Mariam Mariam is living the life ! Her travel adventures always amazes me. One day i am gonna do the same.


I generally like to read motivating posts, travel post, short stories, fashion posts and even random pictures snippets that you guys post. It just gives me a glimpse of the other side of things that i enjoy writing as well!

Yes ! I recently redid my blog layout. Do check it out ! Spread Love Not Hate I am hoping to start a YouTube channel to document my life as well. I feel a great when i re read my posts from 2 years ago. I shows how much things have changed for me. My life documentary i guess. LOL 😛


Next Nominees:

These are people that I have come across recently and they have awesome content as well which needs its due recognition. No obligations to take part though, its just love from one blogger to another ❤




23 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

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