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Hello my beautiful friends,

Hope the 2016 is treating you well. I had a good break during the year end in India! Just some snippets for my readers. I didn’t get much time to do sightseeing as we spend quite a bit of our time planning our grandparents 80th birthday . So 1 week was extremely short!


One thing that always amazes me is the way they use colors in their everyday life. It really takes so much determination and skill to do this in the wee hours in the morning!

Kolam is an ancient practice in south India. Usually hand drawn with rice flour with many reasoning associated with it. Though it is definitely appeasing to the eyes, the main reason is associated with spiritual belief such as welcoming Goddess of wealth and eradicating ones sins thus maintaining good energy around our living space.

Whereas some say it is to feed the earthly insects like ants. Nonetheless it is a very good morning workout ! 😛

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Rock cut jaina temple at Sittannavasal

The next place I had the opportunity to visit was Sittannavasal- popularly known as cave temple. Can you believe there is a temple inside this huge rock mountain? I was not expecting that.


It was a treacherous hike up this mountain.! This is one of the archaeological Survey of India. This rock cut temple was initially thought to be the excavation of Pallava King Mahendravarman I (AD 580-630) before he converted from Jainism to Hinduism. However with more consideration to its geographical location in the Pandyan country and the inscription on the rocks they now refer it the reign of Pandya Kings! It was interesting to see how the Jain monks lived.

Climbing up the mountain
Tada! Finally up there
The view from above was mind blowing. ~ Glad I didn’t get blown away 😛
Rock bed for Jain monks in the 9th Century

They had beautiful mural paintings using vegetable inks. Unfortunate that no photography was allowed. But i will leave a link below for more detailed photos by the government. → SittannavasalRockcutJaintemple

Pamban Bridge 

Pamban Bridge refers to both road bridge and the cantilever railway bridge which is used to connect the Rasmeswaram town on Pamban Island to mainland India. This bridge was inaugurated in 1914 which stretches over a span of 2 km .

Pamban bridge

Ramanthaswamy temple.

Next pit stop was at Ramanthaswamy temple. Since it was a temple with many devotees doing their prayers I didn’t snap photos. But I couldn’t resist showing you guys the beauty inside of the temple. The temple was extended in 12th century by the Pandya dynasty. It is also has the longest corridor among all the Hindu temples in India.

2011-12-24 14.17.36.jpg
Temple exterior

Just a tiny snippet of the  Dravidian architectural corridor. (photo credits: Vishnukiran L.S)

Photo credit : Vishnukiran L.S


Last but not least Trichy was a heaven for shopping. If you guys need to get quality products with a vast selection, head to Chennai Silks! The service was fantastic and the place definitely had its charm. Come on just take a look at the ceiling work itself 🙂 I miss this place the most. LOL!

Some random street shop in Trichy
chennai silks
Chennai silks!


Till next time! ❤

75 thoughts on “Travel Blog | India

  1. fatimasaysell says:

    What a beautiful trip and I love all those colours and the idea of a temple in a cave.
    I would also like to congratulate your grandparents on their 80th Wedding Anniversary: what an amazing achievement! 💟💟💟

  2. amydaviesweb says:

    Like your post! Please check my blog out im from the Uk studying in Guimaraes (Portugal)! I’m very new to this 🙂

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