Racism has been nothing but a mere disability

Disability that plagued our world

Not only did it blind us, it prevented us from binding the world

Instead of being a tight knit society, we turned race against each another

Did it bring a betterment to the world?

Was slavery,holocaust or war ever branded as a honorary title?

Rotten eggs are in every basket

If we humans can’t see past that 

Redemption for the world is a faint hope

I hope for a brighter future

Do your part today as 

Big things have small beginnings 

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7 thoughts on “Racism

  1. CB says:

    Jessie, I don’t want to Spam your blog, but this is important…

    My name is C. Erskine Brown, and I would like to share the most horrifying story you will ever read about modern day racism.

    Consistently garnering five stars, A Cry Among Men – The Novel, is being touted as one of the “Best reads of 2016,”… “brilliantly written fiction adroitly framed around the events of today.” 

    Since its debut, A Cry Among Men has captivated and deeply impacted readers. As a passionate, deep thinker on the subject of racism, I strongly encourage you to read it. Our country must raise the level of discourse on a problem that so many are wide-eyed and vocal about while there are others who have chosen to turn a blind eye.

    Thank you,


  2. VikingStrongman.com says:

    Take a nice little stroll through the ghetto at 2:30 am some night then tell me how nice the niggers are. Let your little egalitarian light shine. Let me know how that works out for you or would you rather be a hypocrite and stay in your white community and blog about racism safely in your WHITE community.

  3. Sonya4Truth says:

    I may be white, but I’ve experienced racism by being married to someone who is not white and because my daughter is dating a great young man who is black. I’ve also been harassed by white people my entire life for NOT keeping to my “own kind”. Yet, science has proven that race is a myth. The sun is setting on racial ignorance. Thanks for the post!

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