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Hello my beautiful friends!

This is another super major throwback blog. I was in England for the last Olympics (2012) and I must say the city’s excitement did rub off onto us. Seeing David Beckham holding on to the torch in person was exhilarating and it is really nice to relive those moments. I hardly get the motivation to write a throwback blog as it is really exhausting trying to rack your brain for the photos! But here it is! Helloo UK! Land of the sexy accents! 😀

I had the chance to visit UK for a month for my summer attachment at Newcastle University. Really loved the chill cold weather . Singapore makes you sweaty and grumpy most of the times. The best part of Newcastle are the people! A quiet town with such lovely people who welcomed us (noisy bunch of Asians) with such open arms. I have some snippets of our travel to York, Manchester , Newcastle!

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Olympics Match!

That was my virgin Olympic match! The excitement was buzzing throughout the city. You could probably see it on my face too 😉


2012-08-01 14.11.03


Since its a university exchange programme,  this was an educational trip for the chemical engineers. Fermentation, boiling ..eeks! But it did give a good insight how beers are made.

2012-08-01 19.12.12

The beach was aesthetically pleasing, but too cold to step foot in the water. Brrr.

Tynemouth beach

London BABY!

One of the weekends we spent in London. Sigh..How I miss being the tourist. Walking down London high street. Honestly we could feel the summer burn in London. The Indian skin on me got roasted pretty quickly!

Since the old palace of the Westminster was largely destroyed by fire on the night it was decided that the new houses of the parliament should be fitted with a tower and a clock. That huge clock’s bell alone  weights 13 tons! It’s not only gigantic but majestic with intricate work done.

Big Ben
A shot at night , in London tube (that explains the special effect)


This iconic red telephone booth was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott! Dear Sir, you are famous around the globe 😀

Famous London Telephone booth !

Well Hello Queen! The crowd to watch the guards were amazing. The guards, oh my .. it reminded me loads of Mr.Bean episode. They were so cute that it was hard to take them seriously! 😛 That was a panoramic shot taken by my friend! Impressive for a 2011 shot.

Buckingham Palace


We were a bunch of students who stayed in a hostel and mostly cooked our meals to cut the expenses. But we did go to Pret a Manger, Shark club Gastro bar and Slug and lettuce is a must try! The platter was really delicious, unfortunately I do not have a proper photo 😦


We also had a weekend road trip to Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow! It was ultra short getaway from the busy University schedule.

Our roadtrip !

Although we were there during the summer time, some days were so cold that it was freezing my bones. When we were driving into scotland it was 2 deg. C! None of us were prepared for the cold but thankfully temperature picked up throughout the day.

We took a coach and it we explored the country in the comfort of a mini bus 😀

From the coach

Scotland is so beautiful, just mountains, sheep and castles all around! Somehow it seemed less populated making the experience a real treat for us who come from an overpopulated country.

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Located near Maybole Carrick  on the Ayrshire coast of Scotland, it was constructed between 1772 and 1792 . It’s majestic look itself is  breathtaking isn’t?

Boat Ride 

We were constantly hunting for Loch ness , no luck though !


It was a wonderful experience as students and writing this blog has brought back many wonderful memories . We traveled on a really tight budget, poor camera – I apologize for the quality of the photos. I tried to use as much as footage as possible. I hope to re visit the country and explore as adults!

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19 thoughts on “Travel Blog #TB | UK – England & Scotland

  1. Tom Schultz says:

    Great pics, esp of Scotland. As you found, summer and Scotland are two words that just don’t go together well. All those beautiful beaches on the North Sea, but not too many brave souls actually going in the water. Good luck on seeing “Nessie” next time!

    1. Jessie says:

      Yes! The temperature hardly kept me warm although its our “summer immersion ” programme. Serene,peaceful and such a beautiful place. haha. Fingers crossed for “nessie” 😀

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