Just wondering

I turn to writing for many reasons. Today I m just pouring out some grief that has been eating me inside out for awhile.The general hatred and negativity in social media or news makes me nauseous. From animals to humans to mother nature, nothing has been spared. We have been trampled and destroyed. And we do the same to our planet- indirectly at least.

The recent bombing in Lahore, Turkey , Nigeria,  Brussels etc… it has been just 3 months into 2016 and I m already praying for the year to end in peace. The blame game is too strong ! In another news its about a pitbull being sexually abused and murdered. What have we humans evolved into? When are we going to fight for love, peace and humanity. Perhaps the world does need a reset after all.

Just wondering…

27 thoughts on “Just wondering

  1. Juni Desireé says:

    I hear you too. It hurts and can be overwhelming see all the way people can treat each other, animals and the environment.

  2. jazz2727 says:

    It is quite sad. Common sense isn’t common. Norm is subjective. People are selfish. Mankind is also losing it’s values. Something needs to happen in order for changes to take place.

  3. davidprosser says:

    One day, the morons from every quarter might get the message that the world needs peace and how many benefits peace and tolerance can bring. Not least the fact that we could get on with trying to repair the planet for our children and our children’s children to have a future.
    We can’t always love our neighbour but we can try to get along for the sake of peace in the street. It’s just a bigger version. Hugs could help.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  4. fatimasaysell says:

    There are days when I am just not strong enough to read or watch the news, as it makes me think the world is going mad and it fills me with rage and anguish. One of the reasons why we travel and go to places off the beaten track is to get away from it all. I have unfriended morbid people on social media who regularly share pictures and news of people and animals in great distress due to abuse: it’s just too sickening and this is not what I want to use social media for.
    Let’s remain positive and try to keep our sanity! 😀👍

    1. Jessie says:

      I get what you feel. It is a constant feeling of despair. It is heartbreaking to see the news nowadays. Or were we too sheltered in our younger days to miss the atrocity on going in our planet?

  5. jfwknifton says:

    It’s a rather smart ancient idea that this world actually belongs to Satan, given to him by God. That is why when Satan tempts Jesus in one of the Gospels, he can offer him the whole world. You can only offer somebody something if you own it in the first place. But do not despair! At least one human being has had the wit to write a song called “All you need is love”

    1. Jessie says:

      By the looks of things now, this ancient Idea seems…rather legit. That is a wonderful song with the right message that the world needs to hear and practice.

  6. dksmithphotography says:

    Hey Jessie…there is still a lot of good out there we just have to look outside of social media to find it…yes so much bad and it is getting worse.. I often think where are we headed…the whole world needs to change and fast.. I spent this week at Disneyland with two of my grand kids..I watched carefully as the crowds of people moved about the park.. Peaceful, loving, kind people…very diverse in race and religious beliefs… and we all had a great time together…it is an artificial place but shows what could be if we as a world chose to live it… I cried happy and sad tears…this week.

    1. Jessie says:

      Hi Doug,

      At least that sounds heartening. I am glad you had a good time with your grandchildren. I hope for a better world and I should start with myself 🙂

  7. Claire St. Hilaire says:

    I think every generation faces their own crisis. It is easy to look at history and see that everything worked out, but the future is always uncertain. I try to remember that if my ancestors could survive the difficulties in their life, and even more than that – influence humanity in a positive way – than I too can make a difference and help foster peace.

  8. Meritings says:

    Thank goodness for the millions of good , honest, every day folk there are around, and the support of family and friends. I’m sure that a newspaper with only pleasant, good news in it would be far thicker than any conventional newspaper!

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