Patience is virtue. That being said, are we able to apply this in every scenario?  Even the best of people lose their composed nature when they are repeatedly provoked. In the 21st century where freedom of speech prevails, people give less thought on keeping their harsh words to themselves. Patience is thrown in the gutter. Impatience creeps and grows. We want everything fast. A fast computer, fast food, fast transport, fast everything. However, this pace has not proven to create an efficient society. We have created a pool of impatient and irrational people instead. So how do we keep ourselves isolated and free of this trait?

Fundamental principle stays the same. Hard work is the secret to success. Yes, you can work smart. But fast and efficient is always a tricky business. You can get it fast, but the quality might be compromised. We need patience together with efficiency. We need to think through our thought process before executing a plan. Never be impatient, no known successor became the No.1 overnight. It is hard work, patience and perseverance. A trait that is being eroded slowly.


Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet

-Jean-Jacques Rousseau


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